The band started out with a strong 'military' style but we have widened our repertoire to reflect the our modern age. Much of our music reflects our Concert Band format and we tailor our music to suite our audience. 

You can hear a sample of us playing at one of our outdoor concerts here -> Italian Festival

To give you a flavour of the music you might hear we offer the list below but remember, its just a sample, programmes are constantly changing and we are always happy to tackle new pieces - 



Southampton from "Titanic"

Send in the Clowns

The Great Escape - E Bernstein

Waltz No. 2 Shostakovitch

Closer walk with thee - trad jazz

Music from "Frozen"

The British are coming - 
Downtown, Ferry across the Mersey,
I want to hold your hand, Time to say goodbye

Shrek dance party - 
Disco, YMCA, Do you really want to hurt me, Stayin alive, 
Who let the dogs out, Feelings, Happy together, YMCA

..... and many, many more.